Before the extermination:

✔ Keep objects light and movable furniture away from the walls - about 30-40 cm.

✔ Clear the cupboard under the sink, in the kitchen and bathroom.

✔ Collect toys and shoes from the floor and store in a closed compartment.

✔ Store towels and toothbrushes in a cabinet.

✔ Aquariums should be covered, the oxygen pump must be disconnected from the mains.

✔ It is recommended to wash or vacuum the floor.

After the extermination:

Do not stay in the apartment!

✔ Healthy adults may enter the house after one hour from the end of extermination.

✔ Children, pregnant women and people suffering from respiratory ailments, may enter after about 4 hours.

✔ Crawling children may be put on the floor only 12 hours after washing!!

✔ Babies under one year, may enter after no less than 6 hours!

✔ Dogs must be removed from the house for 4 hours, birds for 24 hours.

✔ Cats may enter only after 8 hours after washing the floor!!

✔ Ventilate the apartment immediately upon entering.

When exterminating fleas, ticks and other pests, I shall provide further information regarding the preparation and entrance time For a professional and safe pest control
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Preparing the apartment before extermination