Before the extermination:

Keep objects light and movable furniture away from the walls - about 30-40 cm.

Clear the cupboard under the sink, in the kitchen and bathroom.

Collect toys and shoes from the floor and store in a closed compartment.

Store towels and toothbrushes in a cabinet.

Aquariums should be covered, the oxygen pump must be disconnected from the mains.

It is recommended to wash or vacuum the floor.

After the extermination:

Do not stay in the apartment!

Healthy adults may enter the house after one hour from the end of extermination.

Children, pregnant women and people suffering from respiratory ailments, may enter after about 4 hours.

Crawling children may be put on the floor only 12 hours after washing!!

Babies under one year, may enter after no less than 6 hours!

Dogs must be removed from the house for 4 hours, birds for 24 hours.

Cats may enter only after 8 hours after washing the floor!!

Ventilate the apartment immediately upon entering.

It is important to know: the purpose of extermination is to prevent the harmful culture in the home.

After the extermination, you may see the pest for up to a month.

American cockroach extermination warranty six months or until the end of February.

It is recommended to exterminate at the beginning of summer.

When exterminating fleas, ticks and other pests, I shall provide further information regarding the preparation and entrance time For a professional and safe pest control
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Preparing the apartment before extermination