Hello there---I highly recommend Shai's services, even though I have not employed his company!!!! How can that be?? Well, I called Shai today to ask what I should do about my landlady's demand to spray the apartment I am vacating, simply because I own a dog. I was very surpirsed and happy to learn from Shai that according to current Israeli environmental law, Pest Control companies are NOT allowed to apply chemicals and treat domiciles where there is no proof of any pest infestation!! Furthermore, he offered to speak to my landlady directly, in order to explain these new laws to her, and their ramifications on her as a home renter. I am very impressed by Shai's professionalism and integrity, as a member of the national Pest Control Association.
 It is a rare experience here in Israel! Thank You! Shai
Joanna. Tel Aviv

Shai is just a genius insects
After two terrible days when I woke up with hundreds of bites on my body, I asked for help with bed bugs, Bed Bugs.
He studied and checked, and found that it was an allergic reaction to the detergent I used.
He did not take a shekel from me and gave me an instructive lecture about bed bugs.
cannon!! warmly recommended
Hagai, kfar Saba

I have only good words to say about Shai. A while ago we were visited by German cockroaches, which developed into an infestation, since, being adverse to the idea of us and our cat being exposed to toxic chemicals, we delayed dealing with the problem for some time. When we couldn’t put it off any longer, I started browsing the Internet and came across Shai’s website. From our first telephone conversation, Shai was very friendly and helpful, explaining that the method he uses is non-toxic - both in the case of humans and pets - that there would be no need to empty the kitchen cupboards or make any other preparations, and that we and our cat would not need leave the apartment at any time. He also told me (similarly to some other conventional exterminators whom I phoned) that he may have to make a second visit, due to the fact that we had delayed dealing with the problem for so long. Shai arrived on the dot of time, checked the entire kitchen and finished the job within 20 minutes or so, with absolutely no mess. He gave me clear instructions what to look out for and what to expect, and said I shouldn’t hesitate to phone him should I have any queries. I phoned him later with a few questions which he answered in a very friendly and patient manner. Shai did indeed have to come a second time to get rid of the final stragglers (as he had told us would be likely). Once again, he arrived on the dot of time and rechecked the entire kitchen before reapplying the gel. At least six months have since passed, and our kitchen has remained roach-free. In short, I warmly recommend Shai to anyone who would like a professional, reliable and courteous pest exterminator and prefers pest extermination using non-toxic materials.
Ruth, Kfar Saba

Need pest house. Large ants and cockroaches celebrated small kitchen every night. We arrived Welshman site , we turned to him and within a few minutes, we talked on the phone and arranged to pesticides next day. Shi arrived just in time , and quickly diagnosed the problem . He offered us vanquish without spraying - green pest control using gel . It was very convenient for us because we did not have to leave home or move anything, not even in the kitchen. Shay was courteous, very quick and professional. The price was completely fair and even lower than we expected . Today , after three weeks , no bugs and no ants in the house. Thank you gift , we are happy that we found Exterminator reliable and fast and definitely ( hope we do not have ) invite you again in the future. Thanks and appreciation.
Eviatar , Tel Aviv

We received excellent service from Shai. Before starting, he explained in detail about pest control and pest control materials. After the pesticide there were no more cockroaches nor smell We were Most pleased!

Sharon, Herzliya

Strongly recommend. Shai arrived just in the time we determined without unnecessary waiting, worked efficiently and according to all the rules of caution – made sure we take out a cat that was walking around the stairwell and left a warnning accordingly. The spray Seems most effective - no cockroaches in the stairwell and in the trash.
Joint Building, Kfar Saba

I am very happy with the work Shay has done but that's a minor detail. Shai is the most punctual professional I met, he came on a precise time , using the accurate materials and giving an accurate diagnosis about insects and other animals. Indeed, Shai has terminated the termite nest completely, which helped us avoid a greater hazard.

Yael, Tel Aviv

It is the second time I have been assisted by the services of Shai. As a girl well-known for my phobia to cockroaches, the work that Shay has done - makes me sleep better at night. Professional and reliable service. Highly recommended.

Orian, Tel Aviv

Treatment against German cockroach in Tami 4:
fast and efficient service, in a sane price. No more cockroaches. Recommended!

Yoram, Ramat Hasharon

The second time I ordered the service. Good result and the service was courteous,
fast and professional. Thank you.

Idan, Tel Aviv

Highly recommend. Shay is a honest, reliable, professional, and punctual professional. And very nice.

Rona, Neve Ne'eman

Shai from Bar pesticides, without any hesitation and waiting, Came a day after the execution of the order. With explanation kind and work ticking, like anything, Went so the the pests from our home, al off limits. Thank you for the great results. We will not hesitate to call your help even subsequent times.

Gila, Yarkona

What happened was this one night this week, with the TV coon and terrible plane flew into the living room and live dear husband could not handle the ... It is decided - or get divorced or pesticides That after 30 years what we hold still the owner? If not to kill cockroaches ? ! Hysteria wrote " pest " on the Internet and had the honor of fishing the gift dear, the ultimate exterminator . His word is a word, even when it is written this summary email summary , this apartment Check-in time promise fulfilled - in short, it happened this morning was eradicated my apartment and I'm convinced it works. Thank you so much Shai Please upload it to your site neat short chorus .I tank , Yael's mother that her apartment was eradicated and the representative to the house in Ramat Gan Sewerage and its steps that passed through his hands . Thank exterminator the most lovable city ..

Michal , Ramat Gan